Information about the German Shepherd Dogs

Information about the German Shepherd Dogs

The german shepherd dog is also known as the German shepherd’s dogs, a species of dog that was used in Germany for grazing and agribusiness. The Girdins were also known in Britain as Alsace, and were 56 to 66 inches tall, and they were relatively long dogs, while a German dog weighed between 34 and 43 kilograms, and featured a thick outer coat of medium-length rough hair and an inner coat consisting of shorter hair, usually grey, black or brown. These dogs are also known for their intelligence, vigilance and loyalty. 

The specifications of the Dog German Shepherd

The german dog is huge and is about 65 cm long.The German shepherd (German) can be relied upon for guard duties. Because of her courage, intelligence, strength, speed, and a great deal of sincerity towards her owners, she feels comfortable in providing them in case of danger.German dog furs usually carry several colors, the most important of which is black mixed with gold or dark black.German dogs are quick to respond to the training and instructions they receive from their breeders, so this type is used to assist the police in security and other services.One of the most important features of the german dog shape (German) is its prominently slanted back, its head raised from the rest of her body, and it has a straight tail, and has a black nose, except for white German dogs. She has a white nose like the color of her body.Sheppard’s dogs always have upright ears.

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German Shepherd’s Dog Training Methods

German Shepherd’s dogs are one of the most loyal dogs, and are known for their great ability to learn quickly. 

Train these dogs at the age of eight weeks to form their personality and develop early relationships with people.

 Treat the puppy’s claws, ears and tail gently. Start training the puppy on basic commands such as sitting, standing, etc. 

Use food and praise to reward the puppy when executing orders correctly.

 Train the puppy not to fear his food from humans.

 Remove the food bowl and feed the puppy manually to counter act as a food aggression.

 Use the time allocated to feed by training the puppy, such as requesting to execute a specific order to get food when it is properly completed. 

Make sure the puppy does a certain job without getting any rewards for mastering it. 

Try to get rid of the puppy’s fears by not yelling at the puppy.

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 Be ware of making the puppy aware of aggressive human movements. 

The puppy was registered at a dog rehabilitation and training centre.

 Start training a puppy using a click device to learn to link certain sounds to behaviors, especially when they reach puberty.

 Do not spend more than 20 minutes in a row during one training session.

Use of the Dog of The Girman Shepherd

German dogs are considered to be one of the best dogs for use at work, they are dogs that have a great ability to train, perform tasks and instructions very well. Where they were used in World War II as dogs to convey messages and rescue, as many foreign soldiers also took these dogs home and reared them admirably for their intelligence, here are some uses of German shepherd dogs:  Tracking down criminals. Patrol areas with internal disturbances. Alert soldiers in the presence of enemies or traps. Working as a bodyguard. Used in searches such as searching for bodies, discovering drugs, detecting explosives and detecting mines. Help.

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Ways to take care of the German shepherd dogs.

German shepherd dogs need dedicated care methods, they also need proper training to maintain their health and happiness, and are also supposed to provide healthy nutrition and proper shelter, so with some effort and care, these dogs will be a long time companion, and in the following, we will talk about ways to care for dogs ¨C11C¨C12C¨C13C¨C14C¨C15C¨C16C¨C17C¨C18C

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    Information about the German Shepherd Dogs | 365 days and nights

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    Information about the German Shepherd Dogs | 365 days and nights

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