Smoking, women and fetal health are very important.

Smoking and women

Do you know, ma’am, that smoking destroys the life of the female in the long term because it has serious risks to the health of women and negatively affects the health of the body and all organs and functions of the body are negatively affected by smoking. 

And be aware that your smoking of your cigarette reduces the secretion of estrogen, which is your femininity hormone, so be ware of that cigarette that will deprive you of your femininity! 

Also be ware, smoking negatively affects the functions of your reproductive system! 

Smoking cigarettes and nicotine containing cigarettes is an alkaline poison, is not available in nature in the tobacco plant , causes high blood pressure , increases the heart rate by up to 33 strokes per minute , weakens appetite in general , slows digestion and causes constipation , and the first doses of it reduce body temperature and work to reduce blood circulation in the legs and arms. 

Eve, watch out. 

Watch out as you light your cigarette to the important fact that the smoke that is rising robs you without knowing the appearance of your beauty and femininity and gradually loses you youth. Smoking helps to the appearance of early wrinkles on every smoker and smoker, and the smoke entering the lungs reduces the amount of air breathing, and reduces the amount of oxygen going to the lungs that the blood carries to nourish the skin. Thus, early wrinkles appear on Eve’s skin as a result of the insufficiency of oxygenation of the skin. 

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The harms of smoking are serious for human health in general and women’s health in particular. 

Several studies conducted by New York University in the area of the effect of smoke on women have shown that about 70% of smokers gradually lose their appearance due to smoking. 

It also showed that about 85% of men abandoned their wives for losing their beauty due to smoking and showing signs of aging. 

So be aware, ma’am, smoking steals your beauty, the risk of smoking (cigarette) is very serious , since the nicotine used in the cigarette , leads to damage to the heart muscle, brain and lung, but the fact that a woman may not know, is the effect of smoking on her beauty. 

Smoking and skin 

The skin like any organ in the human body, such as the heart and others, consists of a group of cells, these cells need fuel to work, and their fuel is burning sugar, and in order to burn sugar, need oxygen, this is the main function of the lung, the lung transfers oxygen to the cells of the body through blood vessels. 

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The skin, like any organ in the body, needs care and attention to become fresh and bright. 

The nicotine material found in the cigarette leads to the constriction of blood vessels, and therefore to a weakness in the supply of oxygen to the cells of the body, and this leads to the loss of vitality, freshness and radiance of the skin. 

And you should be aware, ma’am, that pulling air from your cigarette requires shrinking lips about 20 times per cigarette, and this leads to the formation of longitudinal wrinkles around the lips, as it makes your lipstick flow inside those wrinkles and gives an unloved appearance. It leads to skin aging and premature wrinkles. 

Smoking is usually associated with drinking and drinking coffee. Coffee is considered a diuretic substance and leads to dry skin, as well as sleep disorders, and thus to the pallor of the skin and the appearance of dark circles under the eye. 

Smoking shaking the skin 

Over time, the contraction of the skin vessels will damage the material that gives it to the rubber because of the atrophy and lack of collagen and elastin, thus sagging the face, breast, abdomen and thighs. 

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Many of you, women who smoke, expose their bodies to the sunbathing that worsen sags.

Cigarette smoking and cosmetic surgery

A lot of women turn to a lot of cosmetic surgery. Their desire to reduce ageing. Some of them resort to tummy tuck, face lift, and chest tightening, which in turn is accompanied by serious complications unless the woman stops the bad habit of smoking a cigarette, this exposes your skin to slow death and the appearance of bad scars due to lack of oxygen. 

Smoking a cigarette deprives you of a beautiful smile.

A beautiful smile is the fastest and most cheapest beauty you can do without any risk, and you must be aware that the ingredients of the beautiful smile are white teeth and healthy gum, Your neighbor will dye your teeth in yellow, and your teeth are black, what extinguishs the beauty of your smile and its burning. 

Let me know! Smoking increases the accumulation of lime, which is a bacterial plaques that speak and hardy on the teeth surfaces. They can only be removed at the dental hygienist. 

It infects the sinus between teeth and gum, and causes the loss and eating of bone and tissue surrounding the teeth and the inflammation of the gum. 

If the lime is not removed, it accumulate and remain under the gum surface and the bacteria that are accumulated and are damaged by the wall cause the gum ligaments and tissues to be broken. Hence the gum receding from the surface of the tooth, which results in the sinus pockets in which the pathogenic bacteria reproduce. If the gum is not treated, the disease will go on and increase the depth of these pockets, causing bacteria to be broken and the supporting tissue, which is broken with teeth, which leads to the decline of the gum and the increase in the movement of the tooth and thus its fall. 

Recent research has shown that 41% of smokers completely lose their teeth over the age of 65, while non-smoking rates are less than 20%. The reason for this is that smoking has a more microbosene-suited middle in the mouth of the smoker, causing gum disease to those whose teeth are higher in the tooth than the non-smoker. 

Smoking of 20 cigarettes (full tray) for 10 years is eating 10% of the bone surrounding teeth and smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years, causing a total of 20% eating bone. A study was built that the wounds of people smoking after the treatment and surgery of gum do not heal in good form compared to smokers. 

Other Cigarettes Damage to 

Causes Smoking Oral Cancer 

Loss of taste sense 


Teeth contamination and dye. 

Eating bone surrounding teeth. 

Hedged gum. 

Tooth Loss 

Oral ulcers 

Facial wrinkles increase 

Lower degree of success in treating gum disease. 

Degree of less success in dental implants. 

Oral healing slows after the dental implants. 

The impact of women’s smoking on the health of their unborn child

Certainly motherhood is a beautiful thing, and having a beautiful child to be happy with is a wonderful thing, but be careful, ma’am, the smoker, as the effect of smoking your cigarette has a serious negative impact on the health of your baby. 
Smoking negatively affects you and your fetus and studies and analyses have shown that smoking makes women get an abortion through the experiment carried out by scientists, when they brought a uterus isolated from the woman’s body and introduced a water juice for tobacco, and the results were that the uterus has shrunk, so how is it if this uterus contains a fetus trying to grow? 
Research and studies carried out by British doctors Dr. Ross and Professor Butler of Bristol Royal Hospital have shown that 7,000 foetuses have died, and have shown that saving these embryos would have been possible if mothers had refrained from smoking during pregnancy. ¨C4C¨C17C¨C18C¨C19C¨C20C¨C21C¨C22C¨C23C

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