The benefits of honey bees are food and medicine secrets you don’t know

 Honey is food and medicine.

If we wanted to write about honey as food and medicine, we wouldn’t have time, and we’d need thousands of lines to shed light on this amazing liquid. 
Honey bees are food with food and medicine with medications, it is nutritious and laxative, a vein to the liver and chest. 
Honey contains protein, vitamins, minerals, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and iodine. 
Recent science has shown that one of the benefits of honey is that it contains barley yeast, which converts ammonia into sugar and protects and activates the stomach. ¨C5C¨C26C¨C27C¨C28C¨C29C¨C30C¨C31C¨C32C¨C33C¨C34C¨C35C¨C36C¨C37C¨C38C¨C39C¨C40C¨C41C¨C42C¨C43C¨C44C¨C45CHoney strengthens the immune system in the human body. Honey improves mood, sense of activity, and vitality. Honey protects bees from respiratory and lung diseases. Honey relieves colds and flu Honey helps relieve cough. Eating honey helps, especially for children, to be strong in focus and attainment. Honey is a delicacy, especially in children. Eating honey helps to get rid of constipation. Studies have shown that honey neutralizes the effect of excess acidity in the stomach, which often leads to gastrointestinal ulcers because it causes the secretion of the stomach with alkaline or low-acid juices to contain some organic acids.Honey is an effective beneficial treatment for people with stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers. It eliminates pain, eliminates acidity, and regulates the amount of gastric juice. Honey is restricted in the treatment of cases of chronic diarrhea is an unknown cause, and it is recommended to eat three tablespoons of fresh honey in the morning before breakfast and in the evening when sleeping for three weeks, the success rate of honey therapy has reached 83%. Honey eliminates symptoms in a short period in most cases: hollow burn, vomiting, constipation, and bleeding. Honey increases the blood hemoglobin and the number of red and white blood cells, it is an effective treatment for anemia and anemia. People with ulcers are advised to take honey in warm water at 1:1 about two hours before breakfast and food to stop the secretions of the acid gastric juice or three hours after dinner. 

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Tackling aging with food

To address aging, it is necessary to follow the proper dietary rules that delay the appearance of signs of aging and aging, including: Type in your meals always to provide all the needs of your body cells. Reduce the amount of food, so that it is balanced in nutritional value because this balance is the basis for maintaining the vitality of the body and youth. Don’t eat too much fat in the food and make sure you eat unsaturated fats such as vegetable fats. Depend on eating natural foods so that your body benefits from its balanced composition in rejuvenating and increasing its defense capacity. Stay away from smoking and alcohol. Exercise, such as walking and running to get rid of excess body fat. Eating black honey and honey every day helps the body cope with aging and signs of aging. 

The Benefits of Honey For Skin

Honey bees have many benefits for skincare, it effectively affects the cleanliness, freshness, and beauty of the skin. Honey can be used as a mask to tighten the sagging skin and skin. The use of a mask of yeast, honey, and lemon juice works to tighten the skin and prevent sagging, and delays the appearance of signs of skin progress and wrinkles. The repeated use of honey as a mask for the skin has an effective effect on the freshness, beauty, and radiance of the skin.   
Honey bees have many benefits and use that cannot be limited to one article, it is recommended to eat a spoon a day in the early morning of honey bees so that the human enjoys vitality and activity and so as to help strengthen the immunity of the body and thus enjoy the human health.

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