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The Power of Prayer

Prayer After 15 years of marriage, God has finally blessed them with a beautiful girl. It came at the time of the vulva after a long life of patience. Like. The girl was born with a birth defect that she could not hear or talk about. They went to many doctors in and out of the country for two years for nothing.

The father succumbed to reality and despaired over the medical intervention in the daughter’s case, and the pregnancy increased after the mother’s death after only one year. The father did not eat and was determined to learn sign language to teach his daughter and be able to communicate with her. He was determined to be behind her so that she could succeed in life with the obstacles. His weapons were faith in God, patience, and perseverance.

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer
The Power of Prayer

He divided the time between the company and his daughter’s education. The days go by and her daughter goes to medical school to adorn an ear and throat doctor. I completed my master’s and doctorate. It is superior superiority.

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He invented and found a new treatment that could treat children with the same condition. It has become the focus of many magazines that are interested in medical events and congresses that take place in the countries of the world. He has received many awards and prizes for his achievements. I traveled to hold a conference outside the country. And the one who helped her was her father. She pointed with her hands and said with her voice.

She tried to find an assistant for her instead of her father in recognition of her exhaustion and support. But he refused, determined to be with her. She, for her part, refused to marry in order not to get away from her father. And so that she is not suspended from her scientific and research career.

The Power of

Or a father prayed every day with heart and loud in the house that contains them. She never gets tired of thanking God for using her daughter for the good of others. But with his daughter’s success and the world’s stories about her, he asked: I mean are you happy? Who comes back to hear the kids smile. I know you invented us, and it’s better than millions of people listening. But I’m sure you’ll be back.

إقرأ أيضا:ROSE The pale rose

His daughter came in and his word with a sign. And her sign meant that for many years she saw him with the same vision.
What do you say to God? He said to her, “To say that it will make you happy and increase your success. “
She pointed out: That’s what you tell me every time. But my feeling is that you are saying something again.
He replied, “I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you. “
She pointed to him and swore with all her heart that she would answer his question.
Tell him what’s inside, save the tears.
They are one of his signs: I tell you something, but promise me that nothing changes from your lieutenant to me in my lectures and in all the work you do with me.

The Power of Prayer

He opened his mouth and said in his voice: I have been listening and crying for five years.

His father was confused and tears drowned out of his smile. And hug her. And he said, “Right. Exactly. As you have treated thousands of people with your knowledge. You should have treated yourself. “

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She laughed and said, “How good.
He said: Why were you not happy at that moment? She replied: If I tell you, you will lecture me alone. And I used to be my voice. You will ask our Lord for it. And I’m the first thing I hear every day. The tone of your prayers. And the power of your order.

I hugged him and said, “We will continue as we are. “
Answered. Of course not. All people need to know the miracle.
She said, “You swore to me from your heart. ” Also what I achieve is the greatest miracle. And I do not want anyone else to hear my voice. I just asked you to let me know that since the years are tired, I found myself. The year sentences have not been long enough.


The father responded to the daughter’s wishes and they completed the journey together.

God extended a long life until I was 90. And he is on his deathbed.
I’m Hasebek. You know I have to. But what should be against me?
My will is yours. You must tell the whole world the story of your miracle.
And before your hands.
She told him. Yes. I promise I will tell people that you are the eldest of your son.

The Power of Prayer

“I invited you because you answered me, O God. Wait for your ears. Listen to me” (Psalm 17: 6)

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