Treatment of heat in children

One of the most common diseases to which children are exposed is high temperature and has multiple causes. Treating high temperatures at home is easy but requires the mother’s experience in dealing with the child. 

Causes of overheating in children 

When a child’s infection occurs, heat appears as a means of resistance to heat and works to resist the virus that causes the infection.

When any part of the body is infected, this exposes the body to immediate heat: respiratory infection, influenza, kidney infection, hepatitis, ear infections, urinary tract infections.

When the child is exposed to measles, the body temperature rises.

  When a child has a pink rash, the temperature rises.

When a child is exposed to whooping cough.

When the child receives vaccinations, especially those that are taken by injection, the baby’s body temperature rises.

When children wear winter clothes, the baby’s body temperature rises because of these clothes.

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Treatment of setherea in children     

Home ways to lower body temperature in children       

One way a mother at home is to lower the body temperature of the children.

Using body temperature gauges using an ear or digital scale or mercury scale, it can be measured by placing it in the mouth or placing it under the armpit or through the anus, here it is more accurate.

The use of medicines known for the treatment of fever in children are: all medications that consist of paracetamol, in which case we should give them to the child regularly and abide by all the instructions and warnings contained in the leaflet attached with the drug.

The mother should avoid giving aspirin when the baby is hot at home because it is dangerous when the child has any viral infection because it may lead to liver failure.

Reduce the baby’s clothes even if it is cold, as heavy clothing raises body temperature and closes it inside the body.

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 Bathing with warm water works to treat lowering body temperature.

Any mother should avoid drinking alcohol because the body temperature of children is low, and this causes danger to children.

Home ways to avoid baby dehydration

The mother follows a lot of procedures at home to avoid dehydration, as as the body temperature increases and the body loses a large percentage of fluid and works to dry the lungs and skin. Some of the most important measures committed by the mother to protect her child are:

 Provide the baby with the beneficial fluids the body needs: soup.

Give your child a solution to treat dehydration.

Supplying the baby with a large percentage of water it is useful in case of fever but it is not enough because it does not contain the glucose needed by the body.

When there is vomiting or diarrhea accompanied by fever, you should visit a doctor because the child here loses all the fluids he drinks, and the heat here may be caused by a specific microbe.

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These liquids should not contain caffeine, as they are diuretic because they help to lose fluid from the body.

The work of compresses with lukewarm water (because cold or iced water causes constriction in the blood vessels), compresses are done on the neck, between the thighs, and underarm to achieve quick results, on the front and head as well as washing the face and head with lukewarm water

(Gel compresses) from the pharmacy can be used for children over the age of one year, and are placed under the armpit, between the thighs, or on the neck.

If the heat persists, put the baby in the bathtub (lukewarm water) or put it under the shower.

The place is well ventilated and the windows are open, keeping away from the airflow.

Medical procedures to treat the heat in children

 Give the child some anti-fever medications.

Your doctor gives solutions to treat the dehydration that the baby’s body needs.

The doctor does not provide the child with antibiotics when the child has a viral infection, because the abundance of antibiotics without sufficient cause weakens the child’s immunity.

The doctor resorts to the insistence of the child to take the antibiotic when exposed to bacterial infections, namely: sore throat, sinusitis, tonsillitis, urinary tract infections, and many infections.

Cases that need to be consulted by a doctor

The baby keeps crying and feels uncomfortable, even if the baby’s body temperature is lowered.

The child suffered some convulsions due to the heat.

The baby does not cry when crying and returns to urinate for a long time, this is a sign of dehydration.

When the temperature lasts for more than two days, although the child is treated in the usual ways inside the house.

The high temperature in children less than 3 months.

The baby’s temperature rises to 40°C and does not decrease by the methods used at home.

Rash marks in the baby.

When the high temperature is accompanied by sore throat, sinuses, or other infections.

When a child suffers from a chronic disease of heart sugar.

You should go to the hospital when the temperature is high, with bluish lips or tongue, or difficulty breathing.

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Smoking, women and fetal health are very important.

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