Types of headaches and treatment methods

headaches ichd 3 ichd 2 sinol spray cluster headache معنى معنى headache headache معنى معنى كلمة headache headache ترجمه ichd 3 2018

Types of headaches and treatment methods

Headache is one of the most common medical complaints. Almost everyone suffers from headaches from time to time. Headaches usually occur for adults and children. Headaches may arise due to physiological or natural changes. In the vast majority of cases, cases are quite benign. Do not pose any significant or long-term medical problems. However, headaches are a nuisance to many. It is a great concern for a large group of people who are under the illusion that it might mean something more serious. 

Some serious medical conditions can be associated with headaches. However, the vast majority of headaches do not mean anything serious. While millions, if not billions, of people on the planet, suffer from headaches in their lives, only a small percentage will be diagnosed as a more serious 

This article is not intended to provide medical advice. Each patient disagrees with the type of headache that scares him. Your doctor can help you advise on what’s best for your condition. If you’re worried about your headaches, consult a doctor. 

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Types of headache

headaches ichd 3 ichd 2 sinol spray cluster headache معنى معنى headache headache معنى معنى كلمة headache headache ترجمه ichd 3 2018

Many forms and types of headaches. Let’s review some common forms and types of headaches. Headaches may be intermittent or persistent. It can be infected daily or monthly. For a period of up to several hours. Or you may get headaches every week. 

Headaches vary in severity in terms of mild or moderate pain and you may feel severe and unbearable pain. 

A person may feel pain in the forehead. or near the eyes or temple. Or at the back of the head, headaches may spread to one or both of the faces. It may be accompanied by symptoms other than pain such as nausea, vomiting, and mood disorder.

The causes of headaches are simple, what is more severe, what is dangerous or more serious, and common types of headaches are: 

Tension headache:

A common cause of headaches: stress-stress headaches, the vast majority of headaches experienced by most people are what is known as tension headaches, which is caused by stress accompanied by muscle tension. This benign type of headache is usually associated with tension and muscle tension.

إقرأ أيضا:Smoking, women and fetal health are very important.

Or spasm of the neck or muscles of the face or head. While its severity, location, and characteristics can vary from person to person, this type of headache is always harmless and does not pose any more serious underlying problem. This type is called the “typical headache”, which most people have suffered from.  It is felt when you are tired or tired. Tension headaches do not cause other neurological symptoms. In the case of other symptoms, you should raise a question about the diagnosis of another type of headache. 

Sinus headache: 

headaches ichd 3 ichd 2 sinol spray cluster headache معنى معنى headache headache معنى معنى كلمة headache headache ترجمه ichd 3 2018

One form of severe and frequent headaches, as sinusitis is often chronic. 

Sinus headache usually occurs in the morning for the accumulation of mucous secretions in the sinuses and increases pain as the head moves forward, backward, and side. The sensation of sinus headache disappears at noon. This type of headache is called headaches students, where the student complains of headaches in the morning when waking up and the feeling of headache disappears at noon, the family thinks that the student claims to complain about headaches so as not to go to school. 

The sinuses are rooms lined with the mucosa of the skull and face bone. Many of them surround the nasal passages. Mucous secretions that are produced in the sinuses flow from the openings in the nasal passage. When pressure builds up inside the sinuses. Headaches can occur with allergic mucosa swelling (allergic rhinitis or hay fever) or with infections such as cold or sinus infections. When pressure builds up inside the sinuses, it can cause pain. This pain can be interpreted as a headache.

Migraine “Naughty” 

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headaches ichd 3 ichd 2 sinol spray cluster headache معنى معنى headache headache معنى معنى كلمة headache headache ترجمه ichd 3 2018

Migraines are the most common types of inorganic headaches. It is a specific type of headache believed to be of vascular or neurological origin. It develops migraines young and old males and females, but it is more common in women as it is almost twice as common in women as men. Migraines in women are often associated with menstrual cycles and birth control pills. However, in the case of pregnancy in women, the severity of the incision (“migraine”) and may lead to its complete disappearance after the third month of pregnancy.

While “naughty” is usually described as causing pain on only one side of the head lasting between an hour and three days, it can sometimes cause pain on both sides of the head as well. 

Migraines are associated with several other symptoms such as neurological, visual, and auditory disorders, such as excessive sensitivity to light and sound, and stomach and intestinal disorders such as nausea and vomiting, or both. 

There is no conclusive evidence of the relationship of the genetic factor to the incidence of naughty, but some research and studies have found results that return the genetic factor by 60%. Other studies have found that the environmental factor is a major cause of migraines. 

Visual and severe disorders that usually precede a seizure are caused by a seizure. As a result of the interruption of blood from the bark of the brain, which contains neurons responsible for speech, cognition, and thinking. 

Naughty. A disease characterized by the expansion of large arteries and veins and the contraction of small blood vessels that transport blood from the arteries to the veins thus preventing blood from reaching the bark of the brain, causing visual disturbances.  

Migraines may begin in childhood and may last until the 1970s. But the most common occurs in middle age after the age of 35 years. 

Migraines are still a puzzling disease for doctors and no specific cause has been known so far and no cure has been known. The best definition is a recurring headache. In the form of palpitations usually occurs on one side of the head. Accompanied by nausea and vision disorder. 

There are types of migraines. Like the traditional type. It is a common species known as complex. But there are other rare types of migraines. 

There are many studies and theories about the causes of migraines. These include disorders of blood vessels around the brain. 

Recent studies indicate that there is a significant correlation between food quality and migraines. 

Allergies to certain foods are important factors that help migraines in about 80-90% of cases. 

Researchers focus on the fact that there are many common foods and beverages. that are associated with the occurrence of allergies and therefore the occurrence of migraines. Such as coffee, wheat bran, cheese, sugar, corn, milk, chocolate, etc. 

Researchers believe that the serious causes of complaints of headaches are rare. Like a brain tumor.

Cluster headaches: Cluster headaches are the most severe and painful type of headache. It is a unique neurological form of headache. This type of headache is known by several names, including red migraines, intermittent migraines, and other names. 
Cluster headaches affect males more than females, which may be up to twice as high. 
The usual picture of cluster headache is that it comes in half the head. Cluster headaches begin sharply and suddenly and the pain increases to its severity within 10 minutes. 
The pain is often located in the area of the eye and the temple. The person feels it behind, above and below the eye. 
The bout of pain lasts about 45 minutes to the hour. It is accompanied by unbearable severe pain. 
This type of headache affects the patient during regular periods. It may occur on a certain day of the week and for several weeks. 
Due to excessive nervous system activity during cluster headaches. There may be some signs of the patient. Such as tearing of the eye, conjunctivitis, runny nose, redness of the eye, redness, and facial congestion in the area experiencing headache pain, swelling, or sweating. 
Smoking directly affects cluster headache patients. About 80% of cluster headache patients are smokers and those with a long history of drinking alcohol. 
– Cluster headache syndrome 
The feeling of cluster headaches is accompanied by inflammation of the fifth nerve. 
– Dizzy headaches 
The patient feels dizzy during cluster headaches and disappears as the pain of the headache swells. 

Neck headaches:

headaches ichd 3 ichd 2 sinol spray cluster headache معنى معنى headache headache معنى معنى كلمة headache headache ترجمه ichd 3 2018

The pain associated with neck headache arises in the neck tissue on both sides or one side of the neck. It can appear in the temporal area or the front. 

The pain is most severe in the morning as soon as you wake up and increase as the neck moves. 

This type of headache irritates the nerves that nourish the neck. 

The feeling of neck headaches can be reduced if using Chinese acupuncture, physiotherapy, or electrical stimulation of nerves. In some cases, these nerves are injected with cortisone to reduce the incidence of neck headaches. 

 Meningitis headache:
Meningitis is an infection of the brain covers, meninges, fluid surrounding the brain, spinal cord, and cerebrovascular fluid. It can be caused by viruses or bacteria. While the bacterial form is more serious and has the potential to lead to severe neurological injury and death if not treated immediately.

Both viral or bacterial infections have similar symptoms. Both cause headaches as a characteristic symptom. Due to infection and severe inflammation of the brain coverings, any movement in the head and neck with which the patient feels very severe pain in general, with severe back pain and fever. 

The patient generally has a very painful and severe neck called a tracheotomy. Severe sensitivity to light, such as migraines and subarachnoid hemorrhage. 

In the case of bacterial meningitis, these symptoms can quickly escalate to a gradual level of consciousness, coma, and eventual death if not treated quickly.

A combination of high fever, headache, neck stiffness, and lethargy is one of the most important symptoms of meningitis until proven otherwise.

Untreated bacterial meningitis can develop rapidly and can be life-threatening. Fortunately, these cases are relatively rare.

Headaches caused by brain tumors:
This is one of the most serious headaches ever. 

Increased pressure inside the head or irritation of the brain covers causes headaches. With a brain tumor.  Most types of brain tumors, whether simple, benign or malignant, can cause severe headaches. 

Headaches caused by brain tumors usually occur in the forehead, are severe, persistent, or increasingly severe, and are accompanied by vomiting and vision disorder. It is accompanied by some sensory or motor symptoms such as the weakness of a part of the body.

Headaches caused by increased pressure in the head (tumor) are often worse in the morning.  As the patient wakes up from sleep, the symptoms improve after waking up and this is a rare cause of headache, but it is considered one of the most dangerous types. 

Treatment of headaches

headaches ichd 3 ichd 2 sinol spray cluster headache معنى معنى headache headache معنى معنى كلمة headache headache ترجمه ichd 3 2018

 To treat headaches, the cause of the headache must be identified and treated or avoided as much as possible. 

Work to relieve headaches should be done by taking common pain killers. 

Strong pain killers and necessary treatments should be used after consulting your doctor. 

The need to relax and rest to relieve headaches. 

Using Chinese needles and herbs, eating herbs such as mint, sage, and basil help reduce headaches. 

The need to instill a sense of reassurance in the same complainant of tension headaches and to make it easy on him is an important step in the stage of treatment and get rid of anxiety. 

Relaxing or sleeping in a quiet, dark room helps reduce headaches. 

Relaxing in a warm water bath relieves headaches. 

Use of protective drugs to reduce headaches after consulting a doctor. 

A series of recent studies have shown that reducing animal fat and increasing the demand for fish oils helps migraine patients get rid of severe pain. 

The availability of magnesium in daily food resists headaches as it helps to relax painful shrinking muscles, and magnesium is available in bananas, almonds, legumes, cereals, and vegetables. 

Make sure you take enough rest every day. 

Taking enough water a day helps reduce headaches because water has an effective effect on the overall health of the body.

The need to reduce fatty foods that are high in fat and foods that cause indigestion and constipation 

Foot massage is an effective treatment for certain diseases, including migraines and psychological headaches.

headaches ichd 3 ichd 2 sinol spray cluster headache معنى معنى headache headache معنى معنى كلمة headache headache ترجمه ichd 3 2018

Uncommon types of headaches

Doctors of the world diagnose about 176 types of headaches (head pain). Diner estimated at the world’s largest biennial medical exhibition in Dusseldorf. 

The most important, most famous, most common and most common species among people  

Migraines, tension headaches, cluster headaches, and sinus headaches. There are many types of headaches that are uncommon in many humans. 

Other types of headaches: 

There are many causes for headaches caused by an organic disease. For example. 

– Diseases that cause high pressure or blood congestion in the head. 

– Organ disorders of the body, such as eye disorders. 

– Acute hypertension. 

Headache eye disorders: 
The eye is a very sensitive organ due to the presence of a large group of nerves in it. When exposed to any excitement, it tears, reddened, and causes headaches. 

Common examples of headache trigger cans arising from eye disorders include: 

– Conjunctivitis (edge of the eyelids and eyeball membrane). 

– The presence of an abscess or dimple in the eyelid. 

– Shortness or long sight causes some form of headache and is the most common in children. 

– New glasses may be a cause of headaches due to pressure on the nose and the sand. 

– Inflammation of the nerve behind the eyeball. 

– Media encephalitis (common in children).

– Sinusitis. 

– Dental problems – catch. 

Sausage headache (sausage)

Headaches are sometimes caused by food that frequently uses certain flavoring boosters. Add sodium nitrate to the meat, especially sausages, to look fresh and delicious. This substance acts as an aneurysm, causing headaches in some people. 

Canned food also contains the substance of no sodium amalgamate, which expands blood vessels, causing headaches for people. Headaches can be accompanied by other symptoms such as pressure in the head. Headaches may occur about 25 minutes after eating these foods and last about an hour. 

Ice cream headaches: Drink drinks or ice cream quickly. It can cause sudden and rapid headaches, especially if the weather is hot. 

Hunger headache: The mechanism of hunger headache or lack of food is still unknown. But it is widely believed that hunger headaches occur as a result of low blood sugar. Because you don’t eat enough food or don’t eat a meal.

Caffeine headache: Caffeine is found in many types of beverages such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks.  Increased caffeine intake causes headaches due to increased doses. 
Liquor headache: Alcohol acts on an aneurysm and therefore can cause a headache called a hangover. It infects alcohol users the next morning.  Headache scents:
Strong, permeable smells such as perfume or cooking scent play an increased headache in some people. Especially those with migraines. 

Exercise headache: Violent exercise can cause headaches in some people, especially in the summer, because of the heavy physical exertion during exercise.
Headache sex:
This type of headache may affect men and women at the onset of sexual tremors. Excess contractions of the head and neck muscles during sexual intercourse can cause headaches for a group of people. 
Menstrual headache: Some women feel headaches as a result of fluid retention before menstruation. Most women feel pain in the body such as the back, abdomen and severe headaches before and during the menstrual period. This is due to the disruption of the natural hormonal balance.  It is best to take some rest and stay away from caffeinated foods. 
Cough headache:

Headaches caused by coughing or sneezing may indicate a health problem. 
Weather headache:
Cold weather, dry winds, and sunlight are causes of headaches for people. Very cold winds cause the head muscles to contract and therefore can cause pain in the front or back of the head. Some people have headaches associated with prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.   

Headache medications:
Headaches may be caused by taking medication.  As a result of the side effect of a type of medication. The drug may be the cause of headaches, in which case you should consult your doctor before you stop taking the medication. Some medications that may cause headaches for some people include some birth control pills, psychiatric medications, antidepressant medications, and medications that treat high blood pressure. 
Headache straining eye:   A heavy focus on your TV, cinema, computer, mobile phone, or long-term reading can cause headaches. In these cases, it is recommended to stay away from the screen as much as possible with appropriate lighting. And not focusing sight for long periods on a fixed point. 
Sleep headache: Long or short sleep, intermittent sleep, or different sleep time (biological clock disorder) may be a cause of headaches. 
Shopping headache: Noise, tension, bright neon lights, suffocating weather, and high weather temperatures while shopping can be a headache for a group of people. 
Headache noise: Loud noises, factory machines, or loud music can cause painful headaches for some people. 
Gum headache (gum): Chewing gum for a long time leads to contraction and fatigue in the muscles of the jaws and therefore can be a cause of headaches. 
Crying headache: Australian researchers have confirmed that crying causes headaches due to dysfunction of the body’s balances and interaction with the brain. 
Angry headaches: Keeping out anger causes headaches. This was confirmed by a recent study, where it has been shown that the silence of anger causes the head. Avoid anger so you don’t get a headache. An angry person is advised to sit down if he or she is standing and to stay seated if he or she gets angry. 

headaches ichd 3 ichd 2 sinol spray cluster headache معنى معنى headache headache معنى معنى كلمة headache headache ترجمه ichd 3 2018

Rapid treatment for headaches

Let’s review some tips and guidelines that avoid headaches.
A good, prompt, and effective treatment for a person with headaches. Is to resort to a dark and quiet room. But before that you’ll avoid the things that cause headaches as follows: 

Caffeine:Caffeine shrinks blood vessels, so you should reduce their consumption to avoid headaches. 
Strained neck muscles: Take some rest to give the neck muscles a chance to relax from the stress they may experience by sitting for long hours behind the desk, mobile phone, or computer.  
Eye fatigue and stress: You should take a break after long periods of focus at work. The look must be checked periodically. Using appropriate eyeglasses in case you need them. Lighting must be enough in the workplace to avoid headaches. 
Sinus problems: Inflamed and swollen sinuses press the nerves, which should be treated with decongestant substances to reduce headaches. 
Dizziness: Drinking alcohol leads to dehydration, low blood sugar level, aneurysm, dizziness, dizziness, and imbalance, so it is advised to avoid drinking alcohol so as not to feel headaches. 
Water: Eating plenty of water daily helps the body overcome dehydration and prevents the body from the symptoms of headaches. 
Preservatives: Preservatives work on an aneurysm and head pain, you should reduce their consumption to avoid headaches. 
Hunger: Blood vessels are dying due to hunger, as the level of sugar decreases in the blood. It is therefore recommended to eat small and multiple meals throughout the day to protect the body from headaches. 
Food allergies: Food allergies can cause some mild headaches. You should avoid eating or drinking anything that causes you to be allergic, especially before doing any physical exertion. 
Cold food:There are some suggestions about the role of cold foods in stirring nerves inside the mouth, where severe pain occurs that does not last more than a few minutes. So you should have a little ice cream. 
Changes in sleep schedule: The balance of the nervous transmitters can be disrupted if the bedtime changes, so you should maintain a certain bedtime. 
Violent activity: Violent activity can lead to pain in the head. It is therefore recommended to exercise that suits a person’s fitness. Some of the causes of headaches during exercise, improper warm-up, dehydration, stress. 

Also, the effort during the sexual procedure may cause a contraction of the muscles of the head and neck, so you should see your doctor if this problem continues. 

In general, it can be said that you do not have to worry about the causes of headaches, most of them are simple and easy to treat, and you should consult a doctor, especially if the headache is severe and persistent, and if it is accompanied by high temperature and vomiting or nose bleeding. 

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